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dor_vador.jpgMoscow Center for Progressive Judaism

Community “Le-Dor va-Dor”




Address: Argunovskaya, 3, building 1, floor 4


Already for 7 years we have been successfully implementing our summer integrative camp “Walking together” in cooperation with “Le-Dor va-Dor” community. It is hard to imagine our summer camp without their active involvement.

Every person can find occupation to his liking at the Moscow Center for Progressive Judaism:

  • Lectures “First steps in Judaism”
  • Beit-Midrash: discussion with Rabbi on weekly Torah portion;
  • Individual consultations with a rabbi
  • Sunday school (3-12 years)
  • Family creative workshop
  • Preparatory courses for Bar- and Bat-Mitzvah
  • Musical sessions with the cantor
  • Nezer Youth Club
  • Madrichim training in the framework of the Jewish Leadership School
  • Project “Museum with a rabbi” etc.

The Synagogue conducts Kabbalat Shabbat, Shakharit Shabbat, Avdala, celebrates Jewish holidays and marks memorial dates.


The President of  VA  Le-Dor va-Dor comunity

Executive Director of  RACPJ

Valeria Marek


Alexander Lyskovoy

Leonid Bimbat

Chairman of the community

Mark Beregovsky



jafi.jpgJewish Agency for Israel (JAFI)



Address: Moscow, Bolshoi Spasoglinischevsky, 9/1, building 7


 Phone: +7 (495) 7396957




For over 80 years, The Jewish Agency for Israel has worked to secure a vibrant Jewish future and served as the main link between the Jewish state and the Jewish communities elsewhere – bringing Jews to Israel and Israel to Jews.

Our mission is to inspire Jews throughout the world to connect with their people, heritage and Land, and empower them to build a thriving Jewish future and a strong Israel. 

To help the Russian-speaking Jews in the Former Soviet Union and world-wide to strengthen their Jewish identity and feel close to their global Jewish family, The Jewish Agency runs a broad array of identity-building programs tailored to address unique educational needs of the Russian-speaking Jewry. Operated in over than 20 locations across the FSU, these programs focus on younger generation and fall into the following broad categories:

Camping, youth programs, and counselor training: transformative educational experiences, introducing Jewish children, youth and students to Jewish history, culture, heritage and Israel. For over 20 years more than 150,000 participants have attended the Jewish Agency camps, causing a dramatic change in the Jewish environment in the FSU.

·         Israel Experiences programs: include Taglit-Birthright Israel, Masa Israel Journey that provides grants and scholarships for long-term (5-12 month) post-college and volunteers programs in Israel for Diaspora Jews; Onward Israel (6-to10 weeks).

·         Leadership development and grassroots support: "Hamama" - Incubator for Innovation in the FSU provides financial, educational and organizational support for grassroots initiatives in Jewish education and community building.

·         Facilitation of Aliyah: The Jewish Agency provides aliyah orientation meetings, personal consultations, seminars and fairs for potential new immigrants with a particular focus on Aliyah preparation programs for youth and young professionals.


jdc_new3.pngAmerican Jewish Joint

Distribution Committee





Address:  4  Roshinsky proezd, 19, 2, Moscow

Phone: +7 (495) 7976800, +7 (495) 7976801



From St. Petersburg to Siberia, Kiev to Kazakhstan, today the vast cultural and geographic expanse of the former Soviet Union (FSU) is home to some of the world’s poorest Jews and the most inspiring, budding Jewish communities. Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, JDC has been the lifeline for vulnerable Jews in the region, providing the critical assistance they need to survive and the Jewish connection and strength that can only come from community. 

Every day, tens of thousands of elderly across the former Soviet Union rely on JDC for essential nutritional support, medicine, and homecare assistance.

Today, JDC’s work in the former Soviet Union focuses on: 

Saving the poorest Jews by providing food, medication, home care and winter relief for impoverished elderly Jews; and delivering critical nutritional assistance, health care, financial support, and child-development services to the neediest children and their families.

Revitalizing Jewish life by developing the community infrastructure, leadership, and educational resources necessary to ensure a Jewish future.

Developing tomorrow’s Jewish leaders by training volunteers and professionals to lay the foundations for communal Jewish life and nurturing emerging visionaries to create Jewish learning initiatives and experiences for children and youth.


rjc3.jpgRussian Jewish Congress


Address: Bolshaya Pereyaslavskaya str., building 17, (second floor). 

Phone: +7 (495) 7776575 
Fax: +7 (495) 7776574


The Russian Jewish Congress was established in 1996 by the initiative of large-scale Jewish entrepreneurs, active workers and religious figures for revival of the Jewish life in Russia.

RJC brings together separated and various Jewish organizations which have been established in Russia in 1990s. Each organization has found its own place in the Russian Jewish Congress which for the first time in history of Russian Jewish community provided an opportunity to bring together charity providers and charity recipients, intellectual and spiritual leaders, Jewish professionals and volunteers and provide all of them with the opportunity to work hard.

During its operation, the RJC has raised and distributed millions of dollars allocated for various charity programs, including poor and old people, revival of religious and community life, and support to educational, cultural and sports structures. The charity programs initiated by the RJC have initially gone beyond the scope of national focus.

The mission of the RJC is to promote the establishment of the Jewish pluralistic community which is proud of its history and has confidence in its future and firmly standing on the Russian ground facing Jerusalem.




Regional Charitable Public Organization“Center for Curative Pedagogic”


Address: 119311, Moscow, Stroiteley, 17–B

E-mail: ,
Phone:  +7 (499) 1310683


The Center for Curative Pedagogic provide assistance to one of the most vulnerable social groups – to children suffering from multiple developmental disorders, autism, speech disorders, mental retardation, infantile cerebral palsy and genetic disorders as well as to their families.

Children attend individual and group sessions in the Center.

The principle of the Center is to work in the first place with a child and not with a diagnosis. Professionals of the Center help every child to maximally develop her/his potential, to become independent and to find her/his path in life. It means that a child should enjoy communicating with peers and grown-ups, attend kindergarten and school and master an interesting vocation instead of spending his life locked at home or in a special boarding school.



Anna Bitova

Curator of Integration project

Ekaterina Murodyan




Kovcheg School

Public budget educational institution 1321




Address: 111024, Aviamotornaya, 30a/1

Phone: +7 (495) 6731144


We see our main mission in integration of children with special needs into educational environment, in development of diverse models of integrative educational institutions, in spreading the model of integrative educational institutions in the regions and in integration of grown-ups with special needs into society.

The school created conditions for comprehensive development - intellectual, spiritual and physical – of each child regardless of his state of health, the social status of his family and of other factors.

Quality education that includes students’ mastering of the program required by the state standards of public education is very important for us.

Children with special needs are equal members of the school body and participate in all events of the school life.

At the same time, we strive to make our school as adaptive as possible and to make sure that individual needs of each student are take into consideration in educational and upbringing process.


Project coordinator

Yulia Sayapina



parilis.jpgCharitable Foundation “Parilis”



Address: 115088, Moscow, 1st Dubrovskaya, 13A, building 2, office 413.

Phone: +7 (495) 7787197


Charitable Foundation “Parilis” (lat. Equal) was created in October 2010. The main idea underlying the creation of the Foundation has already united and, we believe, will continue uniting many absolutely diverse people; it is the idea of providing direct assistance and of personal involvement of donors the challenging destiny of their compatriots.

The Foundation is the embodiment of our desire and our ability to organize tangible support to those most in need: to children from orphanages, to disabled, veterans, impoverished and to all those who found themselves in difficult life situation due to different circumstances.

The Foundation is our opportunity to participate first-hand in the positive change that awaits our society in the light of shaping the so-called barrier free environment. We see this environment as a place where there are no barriers in the minds and souls of people and where the willingness of the society to be united is predominant.

We have strength and desire to help, to be useful, to restore faith and hope in the hearts of people. We believe in the power of good; we believe that the desire to help others lives in many souls.

Foundation is a chance for people to express their capacity for compassion; it is a chance for us all to show generosity and to share the love and warmth of our hearts.

We strive to use the energy and resources of business, government, political establishment, public organizations and associations and common people to organize assistance to those most in need today.



Natalia Ulyanova




Regional Public Organization for Disabled




Address: 119021, Moscow, Timura Frunze, 16, building 3 (entrance from Bolshoi Tchudov lane)

Phone: +7 (495)7253982


Regional public organization for disabled “Perspektiva” was established in 1997.

Its mission is to achieve full inclusion of people with disabilities in all areas of public life and to improve their life quality through combating negative attitude and prejudices that currently exist in the society in relation to people with disabilities.

We strive to empower public organizations of disabled, to provide assistance to people with disability and their families in obtaining skills and knowledge necessary for equal participation in public life and for accessing inclusive education and job market.

We educate professionals, civil servants, parents, students, employers and other members of society to the end of overcoming physical and psychological barriers faced today by people with special needs.



Rosa Denis

Project coordinator

Maria Perfilyeva




logo.jpgJewish Family Service






Address: Moscow, Sadovnicheskaya 80/2, building 5

Phone:+7 (499) 9186443


Jewish Family Service was established in 2006 on the initiative and with the support of the Charitable Foundation “Joint”.

The Service supports more than 500 families in Moscow and the Moscow Region, 200 of which struggle against severe challenges related to children’s health problems, family stresses and asocial behavior of parents.

The service provides assistance to families in difficult life situation and embraces the families interested in Jewish communal activities.

Target audience of the organization: families raising children with disabilities, families with many children and single parent families.

We realize that each family is a unique universe and each child needs personally tailored assistance. Individual support program is developed for every family that turns to us.


Main directions of activities:

Informational support: we help the family to orient itself in the stream of information on the benefits it is entitled to and on the municipal and regional support centers.

Psychologist’ assistance for children and parents: we closely cooperate with the Integrative Family Psychology Institute as well as with independent psychologists.

We offer our families group and individual consultations, trainings and lectures.

Legal support: we organize pro bono legal consultations when legal intervention is necessary to protect child’s interests.

Organization of children recreation during vacation periods: we partially or fully subsidize children’s attendance of Jewish and integrative camps.

Leisure time family programs: we help parents to spend more quality time with their kids through organization of joint events, competitions, outing shabbatons and family weekends.

Assistance in obtaining material support: monthly committee of Children SOS program evaluates the cases for providing emergency material assistance.

The program purchases clothes, food, necessary furniture or medicines and covers family’s expenses on medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Fundraising: we organize fundraising for targeted assistance to families in crisis.

Children homecare project based on the premises of Yad Ezra Hesed: we provide assistance of homecare workers to families raising children with special needs, single parent families and families with many children.

“We walk together”: Since communicating with peers is problematic for some children. We engage students as volunteers who spend time with such kids, help them to organize their leisure time and to get along with their peers.

This program is also called  “Elder brother / Elder sister”.