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Feedback from Olga Matveecheva, the mother of Varya Matveecheva

My daughter is Varya Matveecheva, she takes part in the “Integration” project from her preschool age. She is in the ninth grade now. Varya suffers from mental retardation and minimal cerebral dysfunction, in other words, she is a child with special needs.

She can’t tune well her relations with her peers and the surrounding world.  Within the framework of the “Integration” project Varya gets the possibility to be in a friendly atmosphere among the good and gentle children. The created conditions: art-therapy and the“Integration” camp  let her to develop the creative abilities – musical, artistic, speech.

The projects of ROOI “Kovcheg” within the framework of the “Integration” project let her not only orient herself to socially and communicate with people easier, but they created comfort conditions for her in order to cope with her complicated skills. As a result, in spite of her diagnoses her speech and her understanding of texts are very well. She got an extensive vocabulary, which lets her to communicate with other people.

I would like to note, Varya draws, understands colors, arranges space of drawing much better now.

Perhaps, the most surprising thing is her abilities for music. Formerly, Varya fully had no understanding of rhythm, she couldn’t play elementary rhythmical forms. She couldn’t sing, she was withdrawn and couldn’t sing in the presence of others. Now Varya takes part in Holiday events and sings on stage freely.

It is possible thanks to the fact that she was trained by the excellent art-therapists. Now Varya learns to play guitar and at the same time she demonstrates her skill that was impossible before: reading at sight not only text of song but chords, timely changing position of her left-hand, singing and playing guitar simultaneously.

I appreciate the “Integration” project for the development assistance of Varya’s creative abilities. I suppose, that any child should have atmosphere to feel itself successful. The project made it clear that the supporting was not only from Varya's family but also from volunteers, managers and other participants. This is extremely important not only for children with special needs but also for any children and for health of society at large.int9.png



Feedback from Sofia Zlatoposkaya, the mother of two children – Veronika and Paul who attend the Esther child development center

I would like to share the gratitude that overwhelms me. The Esther center and the unique Integration project helped my children – my daughter Veronika and my son Pavel to adjust to surrounding world and to their peers.

Psychologists and pedagogues provided intensive assistance to my daughter in the framework of the Integration project. As a result, not only she was taken off strong medicines but also improved relationships with relatives at home and peers at school.

 My son Paul will be able to easily adjust and study in a regular school thanks to intensive sessions with speech pathologist and psychologist and to art-therapy and school preparation sessions.

We are grateful to the Esther center, its management and its unique professionals who unite so much benefit and so much pleasure in their sessions and who gave me the peace of mind and the feeling of joy for my children.int9.png

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