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Right, opportunity and disire to communicate and talk

At the childish center “Ester” was held a regular conference “Right, opportunity and desire to communicate and talk”.

The conference was dedicated to the problem of working with children with special needs and their families.


Moderators of the conference were Dina Kolomina (speech therapist) and Simona Tsalik (pedagogue, executive director of “Tekhnomak” company).

They told about methods of alternative communication and presented their authoring – an application “Imyvoice” used for working with not speaking children.


Students of the "Lauder Etz Chaim" School have become "Pilots of the Book Seas

Pupils of our school took part in the urban literature contest "Pilots of the book seas". It was held from 20th to 29th of March and was dedicated to the Year of Literature in Russia and the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory.

laud4.jpgTeams of schoolchildren were becoming a crew of time machine called "Book arrow." The contest have been starting on a daily basis in Winter Garden of the Palace of children's creativity on the Sparrow Hills. Here the children were given a map and an achievement list. Each crew “made stops" on the competition stations and were gaining points for further movement.

There were several stages. At the stations of Russian literature students sought Seven wonders of Russia, recalling the Great Victory, travelled at Homestead of live classics, found the Treasury of Russian poetry and the Kingdom of Far Far Away, as well as visited the country of unlearned lessons, Linguiniya and Fant-Asy and transported to the past through the Rainbow Bridge.

Also guys have visited the stations of foreign literature: Middle-earth, the Magic Kingdom, Wonderland, Hogwarts, English club, outfitted a fantastic expedition, have lit a Magic Lantern of Narnia, visited the waters of wondering and a living planet.

After going through all the stages participants of the crew handed in achievement lists to Central Jury Office. 

laud6.jpgA team from our school took part in the competition. Seven of them are in year six: Adeline K., Leah K. Dmitry L., Senya D., Miriam F., George M. and Ella S. One pupil, Denia O. has represented grade 8.

Anastasia and Olga N. K. participated in the contest, representing year 9. Students from elementary school have excelled especially; so the students from year 3 were: Alice A., Denis D., Pauline K., Ilya K., Naomi M., Avital H., Dennis W. have received the maximum number of points in the general summary table. The award ceremony will be held at the concert hall after the completion of the program.

Within the competition, there were few toy libraries and book fairs: exhibition of the best works of international project "World Book" and the exhibition of children and youth literature novelties presented by the Moscow publishers.


Over 50 innovative ideas were presented by students at the conference “Knowledge - Research - Creativity “

On March 26 in the "Leadership School Lauder Etz Chaim" the 5th Anniversary Scientific and Practical Conference "Knowledge — Research — Creativity” has taken place. It was attended by students of all years from elementary to senior.

They prepared more than 50 projects in various fields of science and art. All the works were exhibited on the first and second floors in the school building, where was the poster session and everyone could get acquainted with each project. 

The winners were chosen by impartial jury composed of teachers and students of the school. For this purposes special achievement lists were developed, where the teams displayed the scores.

The guys were presenting their work independently. Not only the quality and innovation of the projects that were assessed, but also the oratory abilities of the authors. By the way, in preparing the presentations students received help from supervisors, consultants, and even the director.

img551bd7a74c508.jpgOn this day every student has found an interesting activity: children could visit a mobile planetarium, perform exciting experiments, find projects on topics that interest them and come up with new ideas for their future ones.

And most importantly is to absorb the atmosphere of innovation, the winning inspiration, the desire to embody the original idea — all the qualities that will help our students to make this would a better place.

The event guests were especially surprised by the results of the program belonging to Israel Sci-Tech, specially developed for and implemented by Lauder Etz-Chaim the previous academic year. 

Several large scale scientific projects, developed in the process of the program implementation, were presented on the conference. 9 of the projects have already been presented in Moscow's Science and Technology contests, and 4 took the first place!

laud3.jpgBoth the jury and the guests were pleasantly surprised by the vibrant performances of the younger students. One of the most memorable presentations was by a 3rd year student Polina K. She introduced her project “Celebrating birthdays twice a year” within the theme “Saving Jewish tradition and the Hebrew language”.

The pupil compared the Gregorian and Jewish calendars and translated the birthdays of all Primary School students into the Jewish format, beginning the tradition of congratulating the students on two separate days, according to both calendars!

Andrey H., a pupil of year 2, impressed the jury with his Watermill project. The boy built it with LEGO and “The Expert”, also using electronic sensors and resource conservation techniques. His model was one of a miniature hydro power plant!

An interesting study was also conducted by an 8th year student Simeon L. He observed the correlation between the effectiveness of a lesson and the placement of students within a classroom. As it turned out, his findings have already been implemented within the school system. 

For the youngest participants of the conference – primary school students – a special contest, named “First Steps”, took place. Their works were also presented in the contests “Science and Technology creation”, “Research project” and “I'm a leader!”.

The works have already been noted in many contests and festivals. In just this academic year, the school has won top places 27 times in a number of regional and city project conferences. And the contest season has only just began!

laud1.jpgThe award ceremony for the students took place in the assembly of the school. The winners received certificates and gifts, and a collection of thesis written by every participant of the conference. Awards were also given out to the teachers – as scientific advisers for the pupils' projects. 

The ceremony was attended by honourable guests: the leader of Moscow's Jewish Religious Society, rabbi Betzalel Mandel; rabbi of the Moscow Choral Synagogue's large hall, rabbi Meir Manevich; the director of the regional organisation “Guild of entrepreneurs in Moscow region”, Vladimir Vekselman and others.



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Students of the Lauder Etz-Chaim Leadership School “Motivate openly”

On 25th of March 2015 two students of the Lauder Etz-Chaim Leadership School presented their work to the “Motivate Openly” contest of motivators and demotivators.

demotiv.jadg3.jpgBoth participants are year 8 students. Semyon Y. entered the contest with his motivator on the topic of “Search for interests and important values”.

Simeon L. contributed a demotivator with the theme “Health and its value in human life”.

A motivator is an image in a blue frame with a positive slogan. A demotivator, on the other hand, has an image in a dark frame with a negative slogan.

The contest was organized by the City methodological centre of Moscow's Department of Education.

The rules state that the authors can only submit their original works. They also have to demotiv.lerner2.jpgencourage a positive outlook to health, family, friendship, sport, as well as artistic and aesthetic creativity.

The contest is held between years 8-11. Each student can present only one work.

Overall, the project goes through three stages before a winner is announced.

From February to April, submissions from the whole region take place.

On the 2nd of April, submissions from the city begin, and these last until the 21st of April.

The results – the third and final stage – take place on the 22nd of April.



 “The Opening” exhibition - project Surok.Gallery

surok.gallery3.jpgFrom the 22nd of February until the 8th of March the graduate of the leadership course “Knafaim” Dasha Kozlova has organized an exhibition “The Opening” to support children in the “Integration” project. 

Dasha is planning a debut of her work in an exhibition titled “The Opening”.

From the 22nd of February until the 8th of March in JCP “180m2”, the exhibition “The Opening” will host the paintings of young artists of Surok.Gallery, a project Dasha established with a group of like-minded students.

The exhibition will allow professional artists to introduce the viewer to a variety of modern art. The paintings will also be available for purchase.

Money raised from the sales will go towards helping the “Integration” project children.

The exhibition is open from 11:00 to 20:00. On Fridays and Saturdays, it will be closed.

Details about the exhibition are available on the site http://www.surok.gallery/show