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Children with special needs and their families often fall out of the socialization process or even stay totally isolated.

In most of the cases, the reason therefore is the lack of accessible informal educational activities for such children and their families.

Additional informal Jewish education is one of the main directions of the project.

The main goal of this area of the project is to enable children and families to enter and stay in the process of socialization through building their connection with the Jewish community.

The project strives to offer a wide range of opportunities for development and socialization for children and their parents, to facilitate the building of their national self-identity by introducing them to Jewish tradition through Sunday school cessions (to the extent of child’s mobility) and through participation in Jewish holiday celebrations.

The following institutions are involved in this area of the Integration project:

The above organizations provide leisure-time activities for families involved in the project: clubs, creative studios, Jewish celebrations, outings and trips.

They also offer educational sessions – master classes, sessions with psychologists and speech therapists, Hebrew lessons as well as prepare pedagogical teams for working with children with special needs and their families (trainings and seminars for teachers, group leaders and volunteers).

At present, our main objective is to cultivate a tolerant society that will embrace families with children with special needs.

We also strive to focus on the community through the prism of a family that preserves the main traditions and values of the Jewish people from generation to generation.int9.png

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